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Welcome to Class One!

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Autumn Term 2 - Not Just the Gruffalo!

This half term we are learning about the much loved author Julia Donaldson and reading and studying some of the stories she has written.

We will be learning about habitats and comparing the story habitats to those at school and learning about what animals live nearby.


In R.E. we are learning about the value of trust, our story for trust is Daniel and the Lions Den.

We have been teaching our crash landed aliens all about being human.  We have had an alien picnic to show them what food is healthy and what food is not so good for us.
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Aliens in Class One


Welcome to the new school year, welcome back to those in Year 1 and 'Hello' to those in Reception.

This year we are starting our learning with the topic Help, Help Aliens! In this topic we will teach the aliens what its like to be human, this will include some science, art, PSHE and R.E.

We may even have a new addition to our classroom!  Watch out for an exciting half term!

Photos from Polzeath Beach 2018

Welcome to class 1!

This summer term our topic is 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

During this topic we will learn about the importance and history of lighthouses and about Cornish Lighthouses.

We will also be learning about Mr and Mrs Grinling from the story and finding out about their lives working in the lighthouse. 

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Welcome to Class One!

Our topic this half term is 'Enchanted Forest'.

Close your eyes an image a magical place with fairy folk, toadstools, sparkling plants and strange but colourful creatures.  This is what we are going to stretch our imaginations around, using well known stories set in enchanted forests to base our stories on.

In R.E. we shall be learning about Buddhism and what different people believe.

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As part of our farms topic, Class 1 have visited Hepwell Farm to learn about looking after animals, what vehicles work on a farm and about the nature you can find when you look in the fields.  We had a wonderful day and enjoyed meeting the animals.

Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018

Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 1
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 2
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 3
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 4
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 5
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 6
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 7
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 8
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 9
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 10
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 11
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 12
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 13
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 14
Hepwell Farm Visit, May 2018 15

Year 1 visited St Winnow church to look at the features of a Christian place of worship.  Her are some photos of our visit.

We took photographs of any Christian symbols and parts of the church we thought were important.

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Welcome to Class One!

Last half term our topic was 'Frozen Lands', the children enjoyed this so much and there was so much to learn about that we still hadn't covered that we decided to carry on over our topic for this term to.  We are hoping to learn more about Penguin life cycles, Inuit people and how polar bears live.

Our R.E. value is love and our bible story is 'The good shepherd'.

Welcome to Class One!

Happy 2018! 

This half term our topic is 'Frozen Lands'.  

During this topic we are going to be learning about animals that live in the polar regions, where the polar regions are and about the life cycles of some polar animals.  

Our special stories for this topic will be Harry and the Snow King, The penguin that wanted to fly and The polar bear and the snow cloud.  Our R.E value for this term is trust, we will be learning about what trust means and why it is important.









This half term our new topic is 
'Our friend Handa'
This topic will be based on the story 'Handa's Surprise'.  The children will learn all about Kenya, the country the story is set in and will compare their lives with the main character Handa.  

For the second half of the half term will be doing an author study on the famous children's author Jill Murphy. 

Our R.E work will be based on the value Kindness and our story is The Good Samaritan.



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Our Friend Handa
The lady from the lobster hatchery came to teach us about life cycles of lobsters.
We visited Tintagel Castle and had a fabulous day learning about how people lived long ago.

In May, Reception enjoyed a fabulous day at Botelet Farm.  They fed lambs, made nests, had a tractor ride and learned about farm animals and nature.  Check out our photos to join the fun!




The Celtic Cross