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Class Four

Welcome to Class Four!




Our topic this half term is 'Myth and Magic' and we will be answering the question 'Myth and Magic - fact or fiction?'


Welcome to Class 4!  We are very excited to see everyone back after the summer holidays and even more excited about the amazing learning opportunities this year will bring!


 In Literacy, we will be immersing ourselves in many myths and legends, particularly those of Cornwall.  We will also be using clips from films like 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' to inspire our writing and creating our very own magical creatures factfiles, compiling them to make a book of 'Class 4's Fantastic Beasts and where to find them!'   We will write descriptions, first person narratives, short narratives and scenes creating tension and suspense.  We will also be writing non-chronological reports, balanced arguments, newspaper reports and persuasive texts.


In Maths, we will be exploring place value and the four operations, as well as factors, multiples and prime numbers. 


In R.E we will reflect on this half term's value of 'friendship'.  We will also ask the question, '' Why do Hindus try to be good?"


In Science we will be grouping, sorting and comparing everyday materials according to their properties and investigating solids, liquids and gases.  We will discuss how mixtures can be separated and understand that new materials can sometimes be formed when materials undergo changes.


In Geography we will learn about world myths and locate the countries associated with them.  We will also use fieldwork and map reading skills. We will investigate local Cornish geography, focusing on locations of Cornish myths as well as economic activity and natural resources and note their connection with legends and myths. 


In History, we will examine local Cornish history and its links to folklore and legends. We will research local myths and legends and produce information pages about them.  We will also explore how myths came to be and the impact these have had on cultural history.  


In Art, we will create dragon's eyes in 4 different mediums, as well as illustrating our pages for our 'Fantastic Beasts' book.  We will look at how myths and legends have inspired artists throughout the centuries.  


In PSHE, we will be investigating 'Me and My Relationships' using the SCARF programme of study.


In Music, we will use the Charanga music scheme to learn all about rock music in the 'Living on a Prayer' unit. 


Check out this page for photos below, showing all of the fantastic things we have been doing in our learning!


At home - your challenge is to continue working towards your next Reading Karate Band.  Make sure you are also using Sum Dog, Spelling Shed,, Times Table Rockstars and preparing for your weekly spellings challenges!  It is so important, now more than ever, that parents and teachers work together to ensure the children have the best education there is to offer!



May 2021 - Pentecost windmills and art reflecting on the question, 'What makes us say wow about God's creation?'

Science Autumn Term 1

Friday Art Autumn Term 1!

Our new Team Captains and Vice Captains of 2020!

The Celtic Cross