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Welcome to St Winnow Church of England Primary School

At St Winnow School, through God's love, we grow and learn with friendship and kindness to do our best in everything. 
It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. St Winnow School is a place where, through God’s love, pupils develop a passion for lifelong learning and do their best in everything. A culture of kindness, forgiveness and friendship underpins the family ethos of the school community where everyone supports and nurtures each other. Learning is innovative and pupil-led enabling pupils to express themselves with creativity, imagination and dignity. Teachers trust pupils to shape their own learning outcomes and set their own future goals through rich, diverse and meaningful experiences. The wider community supports and encourages one another so that all who interact with the school can flourish together.

We aim to provide our pupils with a friendly and stimulating environment where children feel secure and are able to develop to their full potential. The school has a committed, experienced staff who are well supported by both parents and councillors. This website is designed to give you a glimpse of the range of opportunities available at the school as well as an insight into the things we consider important in the education of our children. It is also packed with information that parents/guardians need to know, thus enhancing the partnership between school and home that is so important. The school website is only part of the whole, and I would be delighted if you would like to come along and meet us in person and look around the school.
To read more about our 'WE CAN' Curriculum please follow this link;

At St Winnow we have a real passion to promote the love of reading, please follow this link for more details.

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Mrs Jennie Southey
Executive Head of School