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Catch Up Quickly

At St Winnow due to our small classes it is noticed very quickly when a child is falling behind with there reading, interventions are put into place quickly but, the class teacher to enable the child to catch up in the areas that they are struggling with.

Within the National curriculum it states that 'if children by the end of year 1 are still struggling to decode and spell they need to be taught to so this urgently through rigorous systematic phonics programme so they catch catch up rapidly.

We analysis data and ensure that we target children who do not achieve their year 1 phonics screening check, we hear them read daily without exception.

We have differentiated groups these are fluid and move according to the needs. We know our children very well and meet there needs accordingly.

Children are supported to 'catch up' by working in very small group, working with the class teacher and through constantly checking their understanding before amending provision.