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Class One

Welcome to our last term in Reception, our topic this half term is 'Pirates and Mermaids'.  We shall be learning about sailing the seven seas and looking at the legends of mermaids both in and out of Cornwall.  We will be concentrating on drawing maps, making and testing boats, designing mermaid jewellery and most importantly, visiting the beach.
Our Christian value this half term will be hope, and our linked story is Moses in the basket.
Welcome to the Summer term!
Our topic this term is 'Tiny Creatures'. During this topic we shall be reading stories about minibeasts and learning about their habitats and how to identify them.
In science, we shall be learning about growing our own crops in the allotment and hopefully using them to cook with.
Our R.E. value this half term is 'Forgiveness' and our linked story is Jonah and the Whale.  
On The Farm
This half term we will be learning all about Farms.  We will learn about those who live on a farm, why farms are important and about the life cycles of both plants and animals.
In R.E we will be learning about the Christian value 'Kindness' and taking part in the Lent focus of 40 days of kindness.
Our zoo trip 2022
Jungle Explorers
Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2022.
Our topic this half term is Jungle Explorers.  During this time we hope to learn about what a jungle is, where they are in the world and what might live in a jungle.  We will learn about lots of jungle animals and about how we might travel to a jungle and what we might take with us.
We will read lots of stories based in the jungle and involving animals from the jungle.
Our Christian value this half term is love and our related bible story is 'The Lost Sheep'.
Check out our photos from our minibeasts work.
As part of our 'On the Farm' topic we are learning about how to grow our own food.  We have dug out our allotment plot and planted potatoes, carrots and Cucumbers ready for the summer.
Our Easter Experience at St Winnow Church
Welcome to 2021-2022! Hopefully this year will bring us peace and calm and no disruption from the dreaded Covid-19!

In Class One this term we have got some crash landed visitors from outer space, we are teaching them about what it means to be a human. We will discuss, how we stay clean, how we stay healthy, what amazing things our bodies can do, what it means to be part of a family and what we like to do for fun.

We will be reading a variety of alien based stories and learning about what an alien could possibly look like.

We will also be learning about this terms value 'friendship' and reading the story 'Jesus helps the lame man' to help us understand this better.