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Class Two

Welcome to Class 2

Our topic for this Summer term is ‘Amazing Humans.

We will be learning about how amazing are bodies are and the amazing things we can do!


In Literacy, we will be immersing ourselves in the film and story of 'Inside Out'.  We will be writing character and setting descriptions, first person narratives and creating our own emotion islands.   


In Maths, we will be investigating time, weight, mass and volume. 


In R.E we will reflect on this half term's value of ‘hope’. We will also be answering the question, '' Why is Cornwall such a sacred place?"


In Science we will be exploring animals and how they are grouped, life cycles and basic needs for survival. 


In History we will explore the lives of some 'amazing humans' and what they achieved.


In PSHE, we will be focusing on the unit, 'Growing and changing' using the SCARF programme of study.

In ICT, we will be using Chromebooks and iPads to research and find images.

In Music, we will use the Charanga music scheme to focus on the unit ‘Reflect, Rewind, Replay’.


Check out this page for photos below, showing all of the fantastic things we have been doing in our learning!

Our Newquay Zoo Trip - February 2022