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Computing Overview



At St Winnow School, we believe it is essential for children to leave Primary School with the skills needed to navigate their way around the expansive world of technology. In this ever-changing society, technology will play a huge part in our children’s lives and it is therefore crucial that we prepare them for this. We would be doing our children an injustice if they were not I.C.T literate by Year 6!

The intention of the computing curriculum at St Winnow School is for children to explore the wonders of technology! Developing positive attitudes to this subject is easy, as children love to use computers, I-pads and other I.C.T equipment. What is essential though, is for children to use technology as more than something where you win points, race cars or build houses out of blocks. Technology can be used in all areas of the curriculum and these skills are what we endeavour to develop. I.C.T should be used as both a supplementary subject to support learning and as a subject in its own right.


We have recently purchased purple mash to help with the confidence of the teaching and learning of computing across the whole school.

Our I.C.T curriculum is based on four key skills: technology in the real word, coding, purposeful application and e-safety. These four areas are taught from EYFS upwards. It is also imperative that progression spans year groups and that there is a level of challenge for all abilities. Children in Year 1 may begin to know what algorithms are and how they are used whereas children in Year 5 will design and write programmes that control simulations and physical systems. It is also our intent to use technology in all areas of the curriculum to present and embed our learning. Children may use word processing in Literacy, green screening in History, Sum Dog games in Maths and animation in R.E. It is also important to appreciate that whilst technology has its advantages, it can also have a negative impact on people’s lives. It is our responsibility to teach children the skills and understanding of how to stay safe online. Every child has their own Google account which allows them to be part of Google Classroom with access to applications like Google docs, Google slides and Book Creator. Children also have accounts for Spelling Shed (an online spelling resource), SPAG.com (an online Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar resource), Times Tables Rockstars (an online times tables resource) and Sum Dog (an online maths resource).


Whilst there is no formal summative assessment of children’s use of I.C.T, their skills are assessed against the National Curriculum skills for the subject. Teachers use skills progression sheets to plan and teach lessons, ensuring a variable level of challenge for all.

Computing Overview