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Prioritise Reading

At St Winnow School, Reading is a Priority. 
At St Winnow, reading is a priority because we recognise that developing both the skills of reading and a love of reading, ensure a world of opportunity for our children. Reading is essential to access not just the primary school curriculum, but is also preparation for learning at secondary school. As a skill necessary for life-long learning, it provides endless possibilities and opportunities for improvement and as a pleasure it feeds imaginations and takes us to people and places that we can only dream about.
At our school we are passionate about giving our children the very best life chances we can, therefore we are relentless at making reading a school priority. It consistently forms a part of the school development plan which ensures that all elements are monitored, their effectiveness evaluated, actions reviewed and necessary professional development provided.
Every classroom has an inspiring reading area with a variety of quality texts that children can choose from. Every day, children are read to by their class teacher and a poem a day is shared as a class. 

Each class has their own reading spine so that all children can access a variety of genres and quality texts. It is encouraged across the school for children to read with each other and we regularly have shared reading sessions. 
The use of Read, Write Inc (SSP) in the Early Years and KS1 provides a rigorous and systematic approach to the teaching of reading based on synthetic phonics, which research shows to be the most effective approach to the teaching of reading. Daily Read, Write Inc sessions develop children’s ability to decode by focusing on phonemic awareness and phonic skills enabling children to meet or exceed their Early Learning Goals in Reception and the expectations of reading outlined in the National Curriculum as they move through KS1. In KS2 a whole class reading approach is used where the learning is focussed on developing fluency, vocabulary and the elements of comprehension outlined in the National Curriculum. 

We are proud of our brand new library which was completed in 2022. We are working hard to create an engaging, inspiring and exciting place for our learners to read, share stories and enjoy spending time.