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What is the St Winnow PTA?

It’s the Parents and Teachers Association for St Winnow School. We meet approximately 6 times a year to discuss ways in which we may be able to raise funds. These funds may then be used to further enhance our children’s experiences within their school. It is also a forum to discuss how funds raised may be best spent. In the past, students have benefitted from a Christmas pantomime trip to the Hall for Cornwall, a day on the beach and much more throughout the year.

The PTA have been unable to organise their usual events this year to raise money for our school, however they have still been able to kindly donate money for new RWI books, a virtual pantomime at Christmas for the children to watch and given donations towards books for the classrooms and christmas resources.

Who runs the PTA?

It’s a group of like-minded parents/carers and teachers who enjoy working together to think up interesting and fun ideas to raise funds for our lovely school. Often the more fun that can be had the better. We meet on average once every 2 months to discuss future fundraising events as well as any new ideas.

Who’s who?

Chairman - Andrea Wright

Vice Chair - Suzi Jones

Treasurer - Jill Jones

Vice Treasurer - Nicolette Knight

Secretary - Vacancy - please speak to Kirsty in the office or PTA committee if interested. Thank you!

How can I/we get involved?

Simply have a chat with any Teacher at the school, Kirsty in the office or one of the PTA members (above). We will always be delighted to talk to you about the PTA and would love to share any fundraising ideas you may have. Also, we are often very grateful for help on the day of the events, so if you are able to offer a few hours of your time this is always appreciated. It may include helping out with a stall at the Christmas Fair or assisting with the parking arrangements at the Summer Fair. Equally baking cup-cakes, sponge cakes, biscuits and tray bakes that may then be sold, is another way of helping support our schools fundraising efforts.

Finally, simply by coming along to our events and bringing your family and friends all helps to raise valuable funds as well as awareness of the PTA .

I work through the week, is there any way that I may still be able to get involved?

Yes, if you are available to volunteer with fundraising events on the day of the event (sometimes these are held at the weekend) your help would be hugely appreciated. Also, if you have a skill that you would like to put to good use please let us know. You may enjoy sewing, carpentry, be able to face paint or simply enjoy baking we would love you to join in. Also should you have any suggestions you wish to be raised at the next PTA meeting simply pass these on to Claire in Reception and she will ensure your points are placed in the PTA tray and raised at the next meeting.

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